🌱 E-Bike Incentive + Sensory-Friendly + Orangutan Lives + Art By Sea


Hello everyone. It’s Wednesday at San Diego, and I’m back in your 📥inbox with what’s happening in our community today. Let’s do it…

  • New e-Bike🚴incentives are coming.
  • Get space to “breathe” in this Sensory😀Friendly Children’s Museum.
  • A baby orangutan and his mom are thriving at the San Diego Zoo.
  • 🎨Art By The Sea is the place to be!

First, today’s weather forecast:

Partially🌤️sunny. High: 87, Low: 71.

Excessive Heat warning extended until FridayPower outages can occur

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Here are four of today’s best stories in San Diego:

  1. Can’t afford an electric bike🚴 but wish you could? Now San Diego nonprofit Pedal Ahead will administer California’s $10 million to help people afford electric bikess. The hope is that e-bikes will reduce car use and reduce greenhouse gases in the environment. “Over 271,000 miles have been traveled in over two years. Carbon emission reductions from e-bikes compared to cars were 18.3 metric tons, equivalent to about 60 trees planted,” said Ed Clancy, founder and president of Pedal Ahead. Find out which areas of San Diego will be most affected. For more information: Click between parentheses, then click on the link. (KPBS)
  2. It’s a sensory place 😀 for neurodiverse customers. It’s a quiet space with soothing colors and suspended textile sculptures that replicate breathing cycles, moving up and down. Where is this place, you ask? It’s at the New Children’s Museum. The museum has also created a digital sensory guide with 3D tours, audio clips and visual aids to help people with neurodiversity, autism and other special needs navigate the museum. Come see what the museum has to offer. For more information: Click between parentheses, then click on the link. (Patch)
  3. The orangutan 🦧 had serious health complications after giving birth. Her baby needed to be fed by wildlife care specialists early in her life. Today, mother Indah and baby Kaja have been reunited and are doing very well. “It was a slow process that took a lot of patience and attention, but the payoff was great in the end,” said Dean Gibson, curator of primates at the San Diego Zoo. “After returning from the hospital, it took Indah weeks to start interacting with Kaja. But once they started spending time together, their bond grew quickly – and now they are almost inseparable. It warms my heart to see Indah again in the role of mom, because she does it so well. It’s so good to see mom and baby thriving since Sumatran and Borneo orangutans are listed as critically endangered species. For more information: Click between parentheses, then click on the link. (Presidio Sentinel)
  4. Do you like 🎨art? Do you like 🍷 wine? Do you like 🎶 music? Do you like being by the sea? Come to the 14th Annual La Jolla Art and Wine Festival on October 8-9. Welcoming over 160 artists, the festival showcases paintings, sculptures, jewelry creations, fine glass, ceramics, carpentry, mixed media and photography. There will be a two-day silent auction and bidders will be able to participate online. Additionally, 35 international wineries, local craft breweries and craft distilleries will offer craft beer and spirits. Gourmet dishes will also be available to delight the palate. For your listening pleasure, there will be live entertainment and music. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a day of art and fun by the sea. For more information: Click between parentheses, then click on the link. (THE CHAIM MAGAZINE)

Today in San Diego:

  • Family👪and Tiny Tots Storytime – Carmel Valley Branch Library. (10h)
  • Bereavement support group (hybrid) – San Diego Oasis. (10:30 a.m.)
  • Toddler🧒🏽Story time in the park – Kensington/Normal Heights Branch Library. (10:30 a.m.)
  • Bilingual Storytime: Spanish (Cuentos Bilingües: Español) — Riford/La Jolla Branch Library. (10:30 a.m.)
  • Gardening🧑‍🌾Exchange — Pacific Beach/Earl and Birdie Taylor Branch Library. (Midday)
  • San Diego Police Department Senior Volunteer Program — Oasis of San Diego. (1 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • San Diego Zoo: “Schweppes is just a little goofy. Yawning when confronted? When a Tasmanian Devil feels threatened, they may look strange and fierce🥱’yawn’. This expression is used more to show fear and uncertainty than aggression.” (San Diego Zoo via Instagram)
  • San Diego Humane Society: “After spending life in the fast lane, Julien Solomita gives rescued greyhounds the chance to slow down and focus on life after the trail. Julien, a greyhound adopter and full-time content creator, gives these creatures often misunderstood the chance to be ❤️ loved and treated as individuals before being adopted into new homes.” (Humane Society of San Diego via Facebook)
  • San Diego Rescue Mission: “For many people who are homeless, there is an element of substance abuse or emotional issues that makes it difficult to maintain a job or a home. 🏡 The Mission Academy Residential Program works with each student to develop an individual plan healing and restoration.” (San Diego Rescue Mission via Facebook)
  • Old Town San Diego State Historic Park: “Celebrate Fiestas Patrias with Old Town San Diego State Historic🏞️Park! On September 17, La Casa de Estudillo will offer free 19th-century crafts in commemoration of Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821. Join the party from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Don’t miss it!” (Old Town San Diego State Historic Park via Facebook)
  • Feeding San Diego: “September is Hunger Action Month, a time to take action in support of those who suffer from hunger! One of Feeding San Diego’s volunteers, Inga Brydson, recently✍🏼 wrote a blog post discussing how important it is to support hunger relief organizations right now and what you can do to help. (Feed San Diego via Facebook)

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