3,000 NegOcc families affected; sea ​​voyages interrupted


Some residents of Negros Occidental affected by severe weather from Typhoon Paeng have received relief from the Philippine army. (Philippine Army Photo)

Adrian P. Nemes III – Merlinda A. Pedrosa

October 29, 2022

MORE than 3,000 families have been affected in various towns and villages across Negros Occidental, including the highly urbanized city of Bacolod due to severe weather brought by Typhoon Paeng since yesterday, October 28.

Bad weather has also led to the cancellation of sea voyages to and from Manila, Cebu and Iloilo at ports in the cities of Cadiz, San Carlos, Sagay, Escalante and Bacolod.

It affected 491 passengers and disrupted the journey of 231 cargoes, according to a Philippine Coast Guard report.

In the city of San Carlos, five barangays were affected by bad weather forcing 102 families consisting of 524 people to take temporary shelter in evacuation centers from 2 p.m. yesterday.

Some 190 families consisting of 950 people from nine barangays in the city of Calatrava fled their homes while 2,589 families or 11,651 individuals from nine barangays in the city of Valladolid were also displaced.

The city government of Hinoba-an also reported the evacuation of 16 families or 58 people from two barangays while in the town of EB Magalona in northern Negros Occidental, 242 people from 90 families of the Barangay Santo Nino also left their homes.

A barangay in Moises Padilla and Bago City was also affected by bad weather, displacing four families of 12, according to a report by the Provincial Social Welfare Office.

With that, Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson ordered that all local hazard reduction management councils in the province be placed under “red alert” status.

Lacson said this will allow them to closely monitor the situation across the province, solidify reports and strengthen coordination between government agencies and relevant stakeholders.

Under red alert status, he said, preventive or mandatory evacuation, especially from hazardous areas, should be carried out.

In a typhoon advisory he signed yesterday, the governor noted that some areas of Negros Occidental have been placed under tropical cyclone wind signal number 1.

Meanwhile, 503 people or 129 families have been evacuated in the city of Bacolod as floodwaters continue to rise, the Public Information Bureau said.

Dr. Anna Marie Laarni Pornan, head of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO), said that out of 61 barangays, eight barangays were affected by flooding due to heavy rains.

These are Barangays 31, 39, Alijis, Punta Taytay, Pahanocoy, Mandalagan, Singcang-Airport and Banago.

Pornan said the families were moved to the identified evacuation centers within their barangays and were also assisted by the Department of Social Services and Development (DSSD).

She said most of the affected residents are those living on the banks of the river, adding that the city government was also distributing food parcels to residents.

Pornan noted that all DRRMO barangays have also been ordered to monitor their areas of jurisdiction for the possible evacuation of affected residents.

For his part, Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez yesterday issued Executive No. 052 declaring the suspension of work in the municipal government of Bacolod.

“Ensuring the public safety and public health of citizens is of paramount importance at this time,” he said.


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