Animal Crossing missed the perfect opportunity for deep sea fishing


Several Animal Crossing games, including New Horizons, have had the option to include deep-sea fishing, but none have taken advantage of it.

Several installments of animal crossingincluding New Horizons after the 2.0 update last fall, had the opportunity to include the real sport of deep-sea fishing among the activities available to the player, but none took advantage of it. Fishing is already one of animal crossingmost addictive pastimes, between the bells he can rake and how satisfying it is to fill the aquarium wing of a city museum with fish. But adding more variation within it would give it extra satisfying and exciting depth (no pun intended).


animal crossing the games already include methods for catching deep-sea and pelagic (deep sea) fish. Species like tuna, mahi-mahi, and marlin are typical careers for real-world deep-sea anglers, and ACNH allows villagers to hunt these rare and popular fish on their island’s pier. Simply run a line along a THAT the beach can give catches like anglerfish and rowing. An island dweller can catch creatures like vampire squids and giant isopods by donning a wetsuit, going swimming, and diving for them.

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But a future animal crossing could allow players to improve their chances of catching the more elusive hooked specimens that fall into these categories by allowing them to go on fishing trips with Kapp’n. An option to allow the Old Sailor Kappa to take a villager out into the open water to do their angling could save the time and grind they may take to catch pier-exclusive creatures. Fish available along a ACNHThe general shoreline and fish that are not are also likely to spawn on the pier. As a result, many gamers have found themselves digging up the animal crossing beach for seemingly endless Manila clams to bait with to force respawns until they find themselves staring at the potential silhouette of a Napoleonfish or giant trevally.

Animal Crossing: deep sea fishing could add new species of fish

Although not the most expensive or rarest fish in animal crossingsport fish in the series tend to be valuable, so it wouldn’t be wise to return them too easy to grasp. But it would be easy to offset any risk by allowing only one fishing trip per day for a fee, similar to the existing boat tours from Kapp’n to New Horizons. Also, they are unlikely to be the only fish available on an excursion. The addition of offshore fishing to THAT could introduce species commonly associated with the actual practice but yet to appear in the series like lingcod and rockfish – and infamous but fascinating deep-sea animals that beg to complete a animal crossing museum fish exhibit like blobfish, goblin sharks and giant squid.

Again, the pier as a unique fishing spot is itself a new addition to the series from ACNH, and it can be a literal step further out to sea by allowing players to get more adventurous with their angling pursuits, if small. However, capturing creatures in animal crossing continues to evolve in the future, it’s bound to keep changing things up – although the only way to do that is all but guaranteed by further diversifying the wildlife players can collect.


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