Author and deep-sea diver Randy L. Slapnicka announces the release of a new fictional book “Leave the Bottom: Cook Islands”


Forest Lakes, AZ – Randy L. Slapnicka, deep-sea diver and underwater welder, has announced the release of his new book, “Leave the Bottom: Cook Islands.” A page-turning debut novel, “Leave the Bottom” introduces us to the world of deep-sea mining and the effects it has on the people and marine life involved.

The gripping story follows the adventures of a marine biologist studying octopuses, who suddenly takes a job in the Cook Islands working deep sea mining. Scouring the ocean floor for metal nodules containing rare minerals to electric vehicle industry, the operation soon pushes the young biologist to her limits when she’s tasked with solving problems caused by octopuses – the very species she’s pledged to protect. In the fast-paced story, she must travel to a saturation chamber 500 feet deep, find an end to an onslaught of octopuses led by a billionaire tycoon, and overcome other daunting obstacles that prevent her from s come out alive. .

Throughout its adventures, “Leave the Book: Cook Island” explores themes of environmentalism and educates readers about octopus, scuba diving, prison rehabilitation and polymetallic nodules at the bottom of our Pacific Ocean. .

The fictional work was inspired by Slapnicka’s desire to educate people about deep sea mining and its impact on our world. Born on a rural farm in North Dakota 15 miles from the Canadian border, Slapnicka left the town he knew at 19 to become a deep-sea diver and underwater welder without ever having seen the ocean before. In the years since, he has developed a passion for travel, adventure, and the many underwater wonders of our world that he shares with people every day.

Early readers have already given the book overwhelmingly positive five-star reviews. To learn more, visit Get a copy of the story today and find out if Dr. Melody makes it out alive in this page-turning debut novel.

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