Carnival Cruise Line brings something new to sea


Some people make their living observing, predicting and explaining trends while the rest of us just live our lives.

We don’t know why certain ideas spread and reach a tipping point, as Malcolm Gladwell might say, and we don’t know what that might say about the current moment, or if something deeper is going on.

But there is one thing that is certain. The moment your average person, busy enough with a number of things in their life that they need to pay attention to, notices that one thing is all of a sudden a thing, then advertisers, lifestyle brands and d ‘other companies that spend a lot of time and money spotting and then jumping on it, the next big trend has already identified it. And they determine if they can use it to reach new customers or to satisfy their existing customers.

And that’s exactly what happened with Carnival Cruises. (CCA) which is set to introduce a feature that should appeal to fans of America’s hottest and fastest growing new sport.

So what is everyone doing now?

For the most part, we’re all out there, just vibrating. But one day, you can’t help but notice that the pickleball is getting big.

In case you didn’t know, somehow pickleball is a racquet-based sport that two or four people can play. The author of this article (that’s me!) is an indoor-born kid who is basically, on a cellular level, incapable of understanding sport in any way. But from what they understood, it’s a bit like tennis, but easier, and it’s also a bit like ping pong, and so it’s more fun to play and easier to learn. And you can play it with your kids or grandparents quite easily, because it’s overall a relaxing vibe. Apparently it’s become a way for families to pass the time during covid.

Now, pickleball certainly seems to be having a moment, as there is now a Pickleball magazine, and the current issue features “The Middle” singer Maren Morris, as noted by Stereogum.

“I was adamant that pickleball would become a trend for my team while we were on tour,” she says in the post. “I went to Amazon and bought a ton of gear so we could set up a travel pitch at each venue for the duration of our tour! Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever played on one real pickleball field. It would be so nice to be able to play on a real field once the tour is over!

Stephen Colbert will host a celebrity pickleball tournament on CBS next month, and Tom Brady is investing in the game because he has nothing else in his life that might need his attention.

So this is it. Pickleball: Totally one thing.

Carnival brings pickleball to the sea

Morris said “pickleball is life”. If so, then you definitely don’t want to be separated from pickleball any more than necessary, even when you’re on a luxury vacation.

As such, Carnival Cruises announced that its ship, the Carnival Conquest, will introduce the first dedicated pickleball court to the Carnival fleet. It will be located on the upper deck, so you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.

Additionally, pickleball equipment will be added to several other existing basketball courts on the ship, as one of the appeals of the sport is that you can kind of play it anywhere without too much prep work. Carnival SportSquare also includes facilities for mini-golf and volleyball.


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