Celebrity Cruises® and Hotels at Sea® Polo Team celebrate historic 2022 polo season wins


Polo Team USA presented by Celebrity Cruises & Hotels at Sea Luxury Cruises wins a World Cup Championship, Chief of Protocol Ambassadors Cup, USPA National Sherman Memorial Historic Polo Cup, Celebrity Cup and several other championships during the polo season 2022.

October 11, 2022 – Palm Beach County, Florida – The past 5 years have been epic for the Celebrity Hotels at Sea championship polo team led and coached by Tareq Salahi, winning 99% of the time. The team that his teammates change based on handicaps, with the exception of Salahi, the owner and captain of the team, is delighted to announce victory championships in many of the most prestigious USPA and other tournaments in the States United and internationally.

Kicking off 2022 internationally, the Celebrity Hotels at Sea Polo Team presented by Celebrity Cruises competed in the World Cup Invitational in Quito, Ecuador and won the World Cup with an incredible goal. The team returns to defend the World Cup on June 17, 2023 and the polo match is open to spectators around the world, including joining Celebrity Flora for an optional seven-night Galapagos cruise.

Kicking off the 2022 Capitol Region USA summer polo season, the Hotels at Sea Celebrity Polo team played in the historic 50e Anniversary of the Chief of Protocol Ambassadors Cup, originally created by the US State Department as a tool for international diplomacy. The trophy was created in 1972 by Ambassador Marion Smoak, then Chief of Protocol of the United States. As an avid polo player, Ambassador Smoak sought to create an opportunity for friendly internal exchange, inviting teams from other nations to which the diplomatic corps attended. In those 50se Anniversary Ambassadors Cup leading the team was the team captain Tarek Salahi followed by professional polo players Marcos Bignoli, Wyatt Harlow and professional player Julia Steiner. The Hotels at Sea polo team played against Beverly Equestrian run by pros Tolito O’Campo and Will Bauhaus. The Hotels at Sea Polo team defeated Beverly Equestrian and emerged victorious with a last minute goal scored by Tareq Salahi.

The Celebrity Championship team then set their sights on one of the oldest and most prestigious cups to be found at the famous Museum of Polo of Hall & Fame – the USPA Sherman Memorial established in 1935. “I have always wanted to play and win the USPA Sherman Memorial Cup,” said Captain Salahi for his Celebrity Cruises/Hotels at Sea Polo team. Indeed, Tareq and his teammates Hardy Pemberton & Marcos Bignoli dominated the entire tournament beating every other team and winning the historic cup with the honor of having their names engraved for life on the trophy on display at the famous Museum of Polo Hall and Fame!The team will defend the cup again in 2023.

Next, the team took part in the famous Celebrity Cup™ during the Morven Parks ‘Polo in the Park’ summer polo series. It’s a fierce game between the two teams, the Hotels at Sea Celebrity polo team after trailing by 2 goals come back to win it in the last chukker of the game.

While the Celebrity Polo Team have won the majority of their matches over the past few years, professional polo player Marcos Bignoli said: “Our Celebrity Hotels at Sea Polo Team have played the most consecutive finals in the history of the polo for the past five years we have participated and won 99% of the time – any sponsor or partner would be and are delighted with our record wins! – we certainly are.

With a bright future ahead of them, the team entered the USPA Arena for the first time beating other teams to qualify for the prestigious finals, something most players can often never say in their lifetime. “Getting to the US Open final is a huge accomplishment in itself and we are so proud as a team that we were able to do that, learn from it and say we were able to compete at this level of competition the tougher in the arena. pro-polo,” said team captain Salahi. It was a shame we had to play against our own teammate this time, Tolito O’ Campo who was committed to the originally to play on our Celebrity Polo team at the US Open, then at the last minute changed teams, a fact shared by Tolito O’Camp telling the media “I used to play with Hotels at Sea Celebrity Cruises, but unfortunately I had to play against them today.”

Scheduled for December 2023 – Celebrity Cruises/Hotels at Sea polo team will enter a team at the US Open in Los Angeles and return as the original team led by Tareq Salahi and teammates Marcos Bignoli & Tolito O’ Campo with team coach Jonas Larguia.

For 2023, two major invitations to the World Cup are already planned for the Celebrity Hotels at Sea Polo Team championship. They will defend the World Cup in South America on June 17, 2023, then play in the United States against Italy in the World Cup Invitational in Tuscany, Italy, hosted and led by Salvatore Ferragamo on Sunday August 27, 2023 .

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You can see the Celebrity Cruises/Hotels at Sea polo team play in South Florida in winter 2023 and then the Celebrity sunset polo™ summer series beginning June 2023 in the Florida Capital Region. USA at Morven Parks “Polo in the Park” sunset polo matches on Saturday nights.

For guests interested in attending a cruise with a polo match or simply attending a polo match locally in the United States, you can find the schedule at www.InternationalPoloTour.com

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Visit: www.InternationalPoloTour.com for the luxury market and cruise line polo tour schedule.

About Celebrity Cruises®:

Celebrity Cruises’ iconic “X” is the hallmark of a fleet of 16 award-winning ships redefining luxury cruise travel with cool, contemporary design and accommodations; culinary, wellness and entertainment experiences with modern tastes; and culturally rich and diverse destination experiences, all complemented by warm, personalized service. Celebrity has pioneered many industry firsts at sea, including: the first use of solar panels on a cruise ship; the first to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles; the first female American captain of a cruise ship; the first-ever all-female deck and officer crew to sail; the first West African woman to work on the deck of a cruise ship; and one of the first legal same-sex marriages performed at sea. Driven by wanderlust and a passion to open the world, Celebrity travels to all seven continents, visiting nearly 300 destinations in more than 70 countries. Celebrity is one of six cruise brands operated by global cruise line Royal Caribbean Group. (NYSE:RCL).

About Celebrity Cruises® Polo Team USA®:

Celebrity Cruises Polo Team USA is a national and international championship polo team that has won multiple USPA National Championships and multiple World Cups around the world. The team plays around the world to promote and market the luxury brand and support its valued bilateral tourism partners in government relations in each port. The team is led by President and Founder of Hotels at Sea, Mr. Tareq Salahi, proud owner/shareholder of Celebrity Cruises.

You can follow IPT Polo Team USA on Instagram: @IPTPoloTeamUSA or www.instragram.com/IPTPoloTeamUSA

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The Celebrity Sunset Polo® is exactly as described, a polo that is enjoyed at sunset in the cooler hours of summer or wherever you find the Celebrity Cruises & Hotels at Sea polo team playing. Expect an evening of luxury hospitality and family fun. You’ll find luxury travel opportunities, fine dining, premium beverages and award-winning VIP luxury cruise and polo programs on behalf of the cruise industry worldwide. For more information visit: www.CelebritySunsetPolo.com

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