Conrad Maldives now offers $ 125,000 under the sea package for six people


Earlier this year, news about the Voyager station broke. As commercial space travel moves closer to reality, the concept of a high-tech hotel could eventually become the destination of choice for the first wave of space tourists. However, if you’d prefer something this breathtaking and don’t require a rocket ride, sign up for the Under the Sea package ASAP!

This adventure is good for a party of six and sends you to a tropical paradise. Your destination is a luxury resort on Rangali Island, located in the Indian Ocean. Once you arrive at Conrad Maldives, reserve your party for a five-night stay at Muraka, the world’s first underwater villa.

With 6,000 square feet of luxurious amenities to offer you for the next few days, it’s best to take advantage of whatever is on offer. There are two levels to explore here. A relaxing terrace, an infinity pool, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms are at your disposal.

It’s called Under the Sea for a reason, because the lower part takes you under the waves. An acrylic dome is all that stands between you and the water full of marine life swimming around. Better call dibs on the king room so you can sleep with a canopy of crystal clear water above your head.

The trip also includes a five-course lunch at the resort’s Ithaa Undersea restaurant. You go much further this time at 16 feet below sea level. Choose to have breakfast at the atoll market or have a private chef cook your meals at Muraka.

Remember to claim your 60-minute session at Spa Retreat before your departure. The Under the Sea package will set you back around $ 125,000, but the experience will last a lifetime.

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Images courtesy of Conrad Maldives


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