Dive into the depths of SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium


Whether you’re babysitting during school holidays or an avid ocean explorer, the new Dive to the Deep exhibit at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium offers a unique and informative day out for adults and children alike. children. For the first time at the Melbourne Aquarium, the Dive to the Deep exhibition features a 14-metre-long immersive digital projection, taking visitors on an exploratory examination through the depths of the ocean and through the stages of the weather.

Designed to explain the history of ocean areas and bring to life the sea creatures that inhabit it, engaging wall graphics and digital images take visitors through the ocean sunshine zone (0-200 meters), the twilight zone (200-1000 meters), and midnight zone (1000-4000 meters). Unless you’re a marine biologist, we guarantee adults will have a learning curve too. Answer this question to see if you still have a thing or two to learn about the oceans: What part of the ocean is in the midnight zone, where the water pressure is extreme and the temperature near freezing? a) 30%; b) 70%; or c) 90 percent.

The Dive to the Deep exhibit is also home to a collection of mystical aquatic creatures like acorn anglerfish, lungfish, clownfish and many more. Dive to the Deep is part of the permanent exhibits, which are included in the price of admission, so be sure to check out some of the standout aquariums while you’re there, like the Penguin Playground and the Bay of Rays.

And for anyone playing at home: the answer was c) 90%. Things seem to get weird in the Midnight Zone and to be honest, we’re happy to be able to explore it up close with digital projection. If you didn’t know the answer, check out Dive to the Deep to learn a whole lot more about the ocean.


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