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A Hunter’s Cry is the last sea ​​of ​​thieves A time-limited adventure that kicked into action on August 18, with players braving a daring rescue to rescue the beloved Merrick from the clutches of the Dark Brethren. This is the first time players can return to The Sea of ​​The Damned since the Pirate’s Life Season 3 update, but this time it’s a storming-style battle in loop around a fortress of Damned Sea Dog’s Tavern.

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Some players have described A Hunter’s Cry as one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures to date. sea ​​of ​​thieves. However, it also has its challenges in the form of tricky puzzles and a PVP-enabled environment, leading to issues such as spawn-camping and griefing for some players. However, it is possible to join forces with other players and complete the mission in enough time before the pirate lord gets grumpy. This guide lights the way in three main steps and contains spoilers.

Since launching the adventure, Rare has reduced the maximum crew for each voyage to two and increased the overall run time to one hour.

How to start the adventure

Players can activate the adventure by talking to Larinna outside the tavern on any active outpost and selecting the Start Adventure option, which spawns the Pirate Lord on the dock. When players speak to the Pirate Lord, he will open a nearby portal for players to navigate to reach the Sea of ​​the Damned. It is essential to stock up on supplies before leaving, especially fruit for health and wood for the possibility of ship attacks by players and NPCs.

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Navigating through the portal transports players and their ship to the Sea of ​​the Damned, where the Pirate Lord briefly appears, telling players that they will need to use the lighthouses to unlock the path to Merrick. As players continue forward, the green sky changes to a cloudy blue landscape when Warsmith’s voice appears, unless the adventure is already in progress by other players, as well as ghost ships and players encircling the fortress where Merrick is held captive.

There are 3 lighthouses surrounding the central Sea Dogs Tavern jutting out of a central rock arch, as well as plenty of surrounding rocks to dodge. Players can park their ship anywhere, but may find it easier to park and start at the south dock where there is plenty of space. The lighthouses are positioned to the north, south and east.

Stage 1 – Light the Way to a Mysterious Pier

The first step is to collect a green flame of souls using their lanterns on one of the lit braziers on the docks. Players can then use their lanterns to open numerous locked lighthouse doors by lighting the two small braziers at each lighthouse’s stairway entrance, breaking the door to the green force field. If players die, they must collect the flame again. Once inside a lighthouse, eagle-eyed players will sometimes find a gold stash at the bottom of the lighthouse stairs, unless they are already looted.

Once at the top, players need to turn on the lighthouse mechanism to activate it, then line it up with the beacons, which can be spotted more easily by looking for the green torches. Players familiar with Pirate’s Life Adventure may recall a similar lighthouse puzzle. Igniting one beacon triggers another to spawn, so players can easily move between lighthouses using the cannons on the docks and the ladders dotted around the island. It’s also a handy way to avoid other players when needed. Players must light at least two beacons until a ghostly pier appears at the base of the central Damned Sea Dog tavern, where one of the beacons is located.

Stage 2 – Storm the Pier

Players must now climb the stairs of the pier, light the five small braziers along the way and around the entrance to the Damned Sea Dog’s Tavern, fight the Dark Brethren ghosts as needed or overtake them. Once all the braziers and enough beacons are lit, the green glow around the capstan mechanism near the door to the Sea Dog Tavern dissipates and players can turn it to open the large door nearby.

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The tunnel inside the gate leads players directly under the central rock arch with a small brazier for players to light. There is currently no way to cross the gap, but a large beacon is now visible in the distance behind it and must be lit using the north beacon. When players return, a ghostly bridge appears at the top of the tunnel, allowing players to cross the space. It’s a tricky walkway, with a big jump that might confuse some players, but they can navigate it safely.

Stage 3 – A Dangerous Walkway and Drawbridge Access to Merrick

Once on deck, players must light another small brazier located in front of a fallen mast with dangerous spikes below. When lit, it triggers another large beacon to spawn on the right, which players must light from the eastern lighthouse. Once lit, players can return to the fallen mast by climbing the shipwreck shortcut at its base and carefully walking up the mast to another ghostly, misty construction that has now spawned, leading players back to the central arch, but this time on the opposite side.

Here, players must light another small brazier by a cannon that triggers another beacon to spawn, which can be lit with the south or east lighthouse. It is faster to dash with a sword on the water to save time. When players ascend to the spot with the cannon, the last ghostly wooden platform becomes visible, allowing players to follow it to the final capstan. If players fall, there’s a handy pole at the bottom where they can climb back up. When turned, the capstan lowers the drawbridge, leading to Merrick. If players cannot complete all stages in time and reach Merrick in about an hour, the Pirate Lord will end the adventure and players will need to activate it again from Larinna, so time is running out.

Merrick rescued and delivering a letter

Upon reaching Merrick, players can see the Dark Brothers in the background, towering over it. Players must speak with Merrick to complete the rescue, which causes the Pirate Lord to appear as the Dark Brothers escape through a portal. After the Pirate Lord finishes speaking, players quickly return to their ship where the Pirate Lord returns and instructs players to return to Larinna at an outpost for one final task, although Chapter 1 of the adventure is now over.

When players talk to Larinna, they can activate the final chapter of the adventure which involves sailing to the North Star Seapost and delivering a letter from Merrick to his wife Serik for a sweet ending. At the end of the adventure, players get the Hunter’s Repose Memento which is a painting that can be displayed as a jewel on the walls of players’ ships and, if they complete all adventure acts, the Defender of the Damned Memento. Players have until September 1 to complete the adventure and unlock the remaining achievements.

sea ​​of ​​thieves is available to play on Xbox and PC and is free to play on Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate.

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