Filtered ferries reduce air pollution from sea travel


A European ferry company captures the vast majority of pollutants from ships with a not-so-new modification.

French ferry company La Meridionale, based in the southern port of Marseille, has installed a filter system capable of capturing pollution from ships, preventing emissions from entering the atmosphere.

“It’s an unprecedented solution, a world first,” company president Marc Reverchon told reporters aboard the Piana at a media event on Monday, highlighting the technology’s impressive efficiency as a breakthrough. major in cleaning highly polluting transport and freight. sector.

Overall, it is claimed that 99% of the sulfur oxides emitted by the ferry’s four engines are captured by the filter, along with 99.9% of particulate matter caused by fuel combustion. The solution follows designs similar to those found in power plants and incineration plants, which have been in use for over 30 years. The system injects sodium bicarbonate into the exhaust gases, causing a chemical reaction with the small particles produced during combustion.

“We didn’t have to look too far. We didn’t invent anything,” Seguinot said. “The challenge for us was to adapt it to a marine environment.” Waste from the filters will be sent to chemical supplier Solvary for responsible waste disposal, and work is underway to determine if it could be recycled in the future.

In February, shipping giant Maersk unveiled new designs for offshore cargo buoys that container ships can plug into while idling outside ports rather than leaving engines running.


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