GH’s James Patrick Stuart goes under the sea


Valentin Cassadine, played by Daytime Emmy nominee James Patrick Stuart, pushed Ava Jerome through the murky waters surrounding Wyndemere to General Hospital. Off-screen, Stuart knows all about getting wet after scuba diving. The fan-favorite’s underwater journeys are the topic of this week’s Travel Tuesday.

James Patrick Stuart dons his scuba gear to see part of the world

Soap Hub’s Travel Tuesday shared the exploits and travel adventures of many of your favorite stars of the day. Stuart recently posted images and a video on Instagram highlighting his visit to the underwater world!

Aquatic origins

Recently, Stuart traveled to Honduras where he stayed at the CoCo View Resort. There he put on his SCUBA gear and went exploring! “Wreck diving has fascinated me since childhood,” Stuart said. “Maybe it was all the Jacques Cousteau I watched with my dad [Chad Stuart]. I had a brave counselor at Catalina Island summer camp who let me explore the sunken yachts of Emerald Bay using a mask and snorkel.

Today, Stuart says he shares his passion with his own children. “I’m lucky to have been able to transmit the fascination to my youngest son,” adds the actor. Stuart and his son also discovered marine life during their adventures. “I took my youngest son to meet some sharks today in beautiful Roatan, Honduras,” he added.

James Patrick Stuart swims and puns

Stuart also encountered a moray eel or two, prompting him to post a pun. “It’s a Moray… (And I’ve been humming Dean Martin in my head ever since),” Stuart wrote, referencing the late Rat Pack crooner’s tune “That’s Amore.” Stuart fans who follow the actor on Instagram know that the actor and — and does — sing. The actor has performed at GH’s Nurses Ball in the past.

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