Greece is building a new $8 billion mega-city by the sea. Get a first look here.


Cradle of democracy, Western civilization and souvlaki, Athens has long been a city full of possibilities.

It is therefore logical that it will soon be home to a new sustainable megacity presented as the largest urban regeneration project in European history. Located just 20 minutes from the ruins of the Acropolis on the site of the city’s former airport and Olympic stadium complex, the Ellinikon will not only breathe new life into Greecebut will serve as a destination in its own right.

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Built with 8.2 billion dollars (8 billion euros) of private investment, the exact timetable for completion remains fluid, but the city of the future will eventually offer luxury hotels and restaurants of international renown, as well as Europe’s largest shopping district and a sprawling 1,500-acre coastal “smart park”.

Inside the Ellinikon Experience Center.  - Credit: The Ellinikon

Inside the Ellinikon Experience Center. – Credit: The Ellinikon

The Ellinikon

“The city of Ellinikon reflects a new paradigm of living, working and enjoying by the sea,” CEO of Greek real estate holding company LAMDA Development Odisseas Athanasiou said exclusively. Robb Report.

Located inside the largest of the airport’s three hangars, the Experience Center now offers a glimpse of what’s to come at the Ellinikon via a series of virtual exhibits.

“Situated in a shed designated as a modern monument by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Ellinikon Experience Center heralds a new era for Greece’s future prosperity and innovation,” said Athanasiou. “It’s the best way to experience the project right now, globally, which will change the way people think about smart urban development, sustainable retail, leisure, travel experiences and coastal living for years to come.”

Ellinikon Marina.  - Credit: The Ellinikon

Ellinikon Marina. – Credit: The Ellinikon

The Ellinikon

One of the interactive models in the center’s “Living a New Era” exhibit uses more than 25,000 individual pieces to showcase Ellinikon’s green spaces, next-generation designs and infrastructure projects. Visitors can also cruise the coastline aboard a simulated speedboat at the “Living by the Sea” exhibit or browse the botanical library that simulates the park’s flora. You can even take a virtual walk through the “Night Garden Dome”, which mimics the park at night with a series of light strips, sounds and scents.

The Ellinikon will open in phases. The first phase, comprising a residential tower and a retail and restaurant gallery, is expected to open in 2025. This will be followed by the launch of a sports complex, a marina and a transport system of new generation.

“The Ellinikon presents a project with global impact that will also generate considerable investment value and create thousands of jobs for the Greek economy,” adds Athanasiou. “The Experience Center is an inspiring symbol of what is to come for Greece and the world.

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The Ellinikon

The Ellinikon

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