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In fact, cruise lines use some very underhanded tactics to make their passengers spend more money on board.

Travelers choose to embark on a cruise vacation to enjoy some relaxing time at an all-inclusive resort, but the truth is that many services are not included.

Passengers will likely want to explore some of the dream destinations, but cruise-sponsored excursions come at extra cost.

To avoid them, people can always visit the city on their own. Alternatively, they can join some of the local operator tours they will find upon disembarking the ship, which are normally more affordable.

Cruise passengers will also find fees, which are imposed by the countries the ship visits, included in their final bill.

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Taxes and fees are not included in the base price and travelers will find them on the final invoice, which can significantly increase the total cost of the stay.

Gratuities are also not included and some cruises automatically charge a daily tip to the passengers onboard bill.

Some UK lines charge £6 per person for tips, but others can go as high as £19 per day.

Room service can also be pricey, but guests can avoid the cost by booking select suites that include service.


Cruise ships charge a surprising amount for Wi-Fi on board, but to avoid these charges, passengers can always find free Wi-Fi in the port.

Spa treatments are not included and are usually quite expensive.

In addition to this, cruise passengers will always try to sell the products they have used and a tip is normally expected.

The same goes for onboard attractions and exclusive deck areas, which incur additional charges.

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Food and drinks can be included in restaurants, but there are often dishes and drinks that come with an extra charge.

On many ships, there is a charge for soft drinks and bottled water, as well as some spirits.

If travelers are heavy drinkers, it is recommended to consider a beverage package.

Tour operators usually offer packages around £40 which customers can customize to their preferences.

These can include selected drinks, Wi-Fi and tips.

Sarah Bolton, cruise specialist at Travel Counselors, explained: “About 90% of my clients choose these packages.

“People want to know what they’re paying for up front and prefer an all-inclusive package so it’s clear what’s covered.

“Then there are only other extras such as spa treatments, excursions and specialty meals, which are optional.”


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