How to decorate your home with sea glass


The idea of ​​dazzling mason jars works just as well with seashells, but using sea glass will give you more shine and shine. Luckily, mason jars are available everywhere, from grocery stores to craft stores, as well as online at Amazon and more. You may even have some in the house already. You can also reuse jars from spaghetti and other sauces.

A pumpkin and a princess has simple step-by-step instructions for creating a unique piece with sea glass. You’ll need a mason jar, decoupage glue, paintbrush, string, and, of course, sea glass. recommends working in sections, first coating one side of your jar with glue. Then attach the glass and let it dry before moving on to the next section. Once all your sides are dry, you can tie a strand of twine around the neck of the mason jar for an extra touch. If you’re looking for something more art-deco, you can try making a mason jar candle holder. Angie Holden The Chic Country Cottage does this by attaching sea glass to a mason jar with Krazy glue, then filling the spaces between the pieces with air-dry clay. This creates the appearance of a poured tile. Just be sure to use a tool to smooth the clay before it dries!


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