Kaina and the Great Sea of ​​Snow: That’s why the world premiere of the CRX animated adventure won us over


Along with the next high fantasy adventure, Crunchyroll Expo 2022 was a very special world premiere. In our preview, let’s talk about the first three seasons of the anime.

Crunchyroll Expo 2022 (CRX) hosted many exciting events, a scorching press briefing from Japan and the bizarre world premiere of anime fans heading to San Jose, CA. The last part of the project is that it was designed by Polygon Pictures (Blame). The first part was an episode of the movie.

PLAY3.DE was all over the department, in this year’s crowded Hime CRX scene. In the following lines, you explain to us why the story made us want to know more.

The last people to fight to maintain a jumble of resources tend to do something with cashing in.

Why is fantasy really worth it? On the contrary, the story of Kaina and the Great Sea of ​​Snow does not take place on our earth, as is typical of the genre, it is, with an alternative, if you think it is fictional, a version of the earth. There is also a characteristic of this genre of fantasy, which is almost great – it is the depiction of nature and the epic proportions of the plot. In this case, it is about nothing less than the impending doom of mankind.

It’s also typical of high-fantasy adventures that we viewers often go into the world without too many hazy noises, then abruptly, as in this case. The story is about young Kaina, who lives above the clouds in a small settlement. He is a physically fit person in his tribe and the proper person to take care of his food.

As he continued his hunt, our young protagonist noticed a beetle carrying a basket a mile from the bottom of the basket. And to her amazement, Kaina discovers that in the basket is an unconscious girl who seems to come from the surface of the earth. He takes her to her native country and some time later she feels like she hasn’t recovered. He tells his heroes about a dangerous war on Earth. That’s why she has to get home in no time.

Shortly after, Kaina and Ririha, as this young woman was called, were able to go to the edge of the pond to begin a tense descent on the edge. It’s a dangerous business, but a journey of no return, because our main character will never be able to return to his native land. A sacrifice he was willing to make to help his new girlfriend and bring her home.

We have no idea of ​​the history of Kaina and the Great Sea of ​​Snow. On the second most interesting point, the new anime series builds on an interesting setting that ends with a cliffhanger as well as the four episodes we saw at Crunchyroll Expo 2022. What if you’re interested ? The reaction of the viewers showing the latest film, the anime, Tsutomu Nihei, struck us almost immediately during and after the world premiere of the show. Everyone wanted to know how it went.

Likeable heroes and believable people in the world.

There are certainly a number of reasons why the series was able to appeal to CRX audiences. One thing is that Kaina and Ririha are very well-known character partners as we learn more about this mysterious world with them. Both have to realize that they seem to know less about the world than they thought, and in the 4 episodes they both have to find their way through unfamiliar places and cultures. It sounds very good: as far as the principle of non-abrasion is concerned, it is certainly not particularly original, but in this case it works well.

The world is in real conflict with the Valgiant tribe, while life is honed with a myth. The two groups have clashed several times and the fighting will not stop. One of the main points of harm is the limited amount of water people need, especially to recover from people’s increasingly scarce supply.

The world is both interesting stylistically, because while it wasn’t in a high-fantasy setting, there are already quite significant technological aids in the four episodes shown at CRX. This includes the armor of a great Valgiant warrior who goes by the name of Ririha. Her bulletproof vest was equipped with a device that seemed to protect her against the enemy. An interesting detail raises the question of what technical achievements could survive the fall of the ancient human civilization.

A beautiful 3-DCG style is done.

We talk about the animation style of the upcoming adventure series before we wrap up our little article, the Kaina and Great Snow Sea article. Recently, several 3DCG anime have come under fire for their cruel response to criticism. With this kind of productions, the media complains that the movies/series were made cheaply or don’t have the same charm as the classic 2D anime. I think even the sci-fi anime EX ARM that lapsed into critical and fanfare horror was not conducive in this context.

To get to know Polygon Pictures better, an animation studio is not yet at work, just like any other anime company. His best-known 3-DCG anime a few years ago includes Ajin and the Godzilla Planet of the Monsters trilogy. The team has also worked on most international films, such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Netflix Netflix series Love, Death & Robots. If there is one studio in the world that knows 3DCG anime, then it could be Polygon Pictures.

Admittedly, the high-fantasy spectacle struck us as very cool, as there are a lot of small details in the sometimes majestic landscape image. In addition, the positive effect of light on the atmosphere came to mind, which makes the great panoramic photos really come alive. Anyone who’s been against 3DCG anime for a long time can change their minds with an adventure called Kaina and Ririhas, which comes with a wonderful but totally atmospheric soundtrack by Kohta Yamamoto (Attack on Titan: Final Season).

The world premiere of Great Snow Sea and Kaina not only left us with a positive feeling, but also a clear wish: More! It was both fun and exciting to accompany Kaina and Ririha through this beautiful world and for the thrilling and upcoming start of the animated adventure, it finally leaves you wanting more.

The Great Snows and Kaina will debut on Japanese TV in January 2023 and will be simulcast on Crunchyroll in Germany.

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