Kuakata beach teeming with tourists


Photo: Sohrab Hossain/Star.


Photo: Sohrab Hossain/Star.

Kuakata Beach has become a popular destination for tourists during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays.

Since Eid day yesterday (May 3, 2022), tourists have been gathering in large numbers on the beach.

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They arrived in buses, microbuses, passenger cars, vans, motorbikes and even auto rickshaws, reports our Patuakhali correspondent.

Many people were seen enjoying their day swimming in the sea and having fun with their loved ones. Many are seen sitting on deck chairs, enjoying the sea and nature. Passing tourists join in the festivities, dancing to the beat of the sea waves.

Photo: Sohrab Hossain/Star.


Photo: Sohrab Hossain/Star.

Tourists also visit different places in Kuakata, such as Kua Kuakata, Lemburban, Rivers Estuary, Gangamati Lake, Lal Kakra Char, Misripara Buddhist Monastery, Sri Mangal Buddhist Monastery, Rakhine Village.

Some of them ride motorcycles from one end of the beach to the other.

On the first day of Eid, 80% of rooms in residential hotels, motels and resorts were booked and from the second day, 100% of rooms were booked for 5-6 consecutive days, said the owners.

Visitors gather at Rakhine Women’s Market, Oyster Market, Misripara Tatampalli to buy local produce. Crab, shrimp and other types of marine and barbecue fish fry are relished by tourists at stalls on the shore.

Golam Rabbi, a tourist from Khulna, said: “After a month of fasting, I had nine consecutive days off and came to spend some time on the beach. I am so happy.”

“I came to Kuakata with my family after a long vacation because the natural beauties of the beach fascinate us,” said Aman Ullah from Pirojpur.

Saikat Ziaur Rahman, one of the owners of the beach hotel, said 80% of their hotel rooms were booked on the first day of Eid.

After the first day, the gathering intensified, he added.

Abdul Motaleb Sharif, general secretary of the Kuakata Hotel Motel Owners Association, said a large number of tourists arrived in Kuakata during the holiday. He added that most of their hotel and motel rooms were booked in advance for this holiday.

Abdul Khaleq, deputy police chief of Kuakata Tourist Police, said they have taken adequate security measures for tourists.

“Additional police have been deployed to the area to deal with any untoward incidents. Law enforcement is also guarding the place in plainclothes. Along with the tourist police, the police and members of the Rab are working to ensure the smooth flow of tourists on the freeway,” he added.


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