LeftLion – Interview: Daughters of the Sea


How do you feel about the upcoming tour?

Really pumped! A little nervous, it’s the most songs we’ve ever played, so it’s going to be a challenge, but I’m really looking forward to it.

You kick off Rock City, have you ever played there before?

No, we didn’t, but people always say it’s a rite of passage!

How did you choose Lauran Hibberd as the first part of the tour?

We had seen her at festivals, and she was very nice, and she had worked with our producer before, so it looked like a good match!

Could you tell us about a day of life on tour for Sea Girls?

We travel overnight so you wake up on the bus in a new town around 10am, try to cook leftovers from the pilot’s breakfast from the night before. Enter the room around 1 p.m., then hang around while everyone settles down! Do a soundcheck around 3 or 4 p.m., have a few beers and then find an interesting place to have dinner. So it’s show time!

What is your favorite country to shoot, apart from the UK?

We had a great time in Germany, and the Netherlands is always special because a lot of Brits come to these shows! Switzerland is also an unreal place.

The whole theme of the album is about your hometown, so supporting the local community in this way is really exciting

Who is the funniest member of the band when you are on tour?

I think everyone is pretty funny for different reasons! Oli is the wittiest, but Henry is still sketching and Rory gets into funny situations!

Who are you listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to Gang of Youths a lot lately, this album is amazing. I really like Tommy Lefroy, Phoebe Bridgers, and the new Snuts album is pretty cool!

What’s your favorite Sea Girls song?

Call me was so important to us at the time and kind of started our career, I really appreciate collapse at the moment too, it’s a really difficult bassline.

collapse was recently included on the FIFA 23 soundtrack, were you dreaming of having a FIFA song?

Yeah exactly, we all played FIFA growing up and as a kid, that’s where you get so much new music. So we always wanted to be on it, it’s a privilege to be on FIFA 23.

Speaking of soccer, could you tell us about the inspiration for the soccer jersey program you started to sponsor grassroots soccer teams across the country?

It fits well with the album and what we’re passionate about, the whole theme of the album is about your hometown, so supporting the local community in this way is really exciting!

It’s a privilege to be on FIFA 23

Quick Questions

The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys?

The Strokes is still very close!

What is your dream collaboration?

Phoebe Bridger.

With which other group would you say that you are your best friends?

I hung out with KAWALA quite a bit this summer, The Snuts and Alfie Templeman too.

If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

My go to is a banana, I don’t really know why! Nothing beats a banana, it has a unique taste, so I’m going to choose a banana – unique!

Sea Girls will come to Rock City on November 17, 2022.



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