Milind Soman hikes “14,000 feet above sea level”; sharing great photos of Ladakh


Milind Soman has done many age-defying stunts in the past; in fact, his social media account is proof of his activity as a person and the kind of discipline he brings into his life that allows him to continue his hikes, run a long distanceyoga and other similar exercises even at this age.

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The 56-year-old continues to post photos and videos on Instagram, sharing snippets of his life with his fans and followers – from where he travels, to how he integrates live and eat healthy in his routine.

Interestingly, his wife Ankita Konwar is also a great sport, as she takes her yoga sessions seriously and joins her husband on his hikes and runs around the world.

The couple have a knack for mixing travel and fitness, and it was no different this time when they traveled to Ladakh. Soman took to Instagram to share a photo, in which he was sitting on a rock with rugged, rocky mountains in the background.

There were many similarly shaped boulders stacked behind him; the actor and model appeared to stare into the distance, wearing a gray t-shirt, jeans, beaded bracelets, a red stole around his neck and a pair of orange sunglasses.

What was most striking about his look were the chappals he wore on his feet which looked dusty and dirty, probably from all the trekking he had done up there. Soman wrote in the accompanying caption: “Trekking 14,000 feet above sea level in spiritually beautiful Ladakh, past a wall with stones inscribed with ‘Om mani padme hum‘, the truth is in your heart.

It’s actually a superlative as it’s quite a difficult feat considering the harsh conditions of Ladakh which is a high altitude region in northern India.

Soman also shared a photo with his wife before that – who appears to have accompanied him on this trip – at a place called “Kongmaru La”, where they celebrated his birthday a few days ago.

In the caption, the doting hubby wrote: ‘Sweetheart I know you had a happy birthday yesterday I was there! And what an amazing and beautiful start to your new year at 17,000 feet. I love you more every year. Wishing all the good and wonderful things you dreamed of to come true, you are the best.

The couple stood in a loving embrace as they stared into each other’s eyes. While Soman was seen in a burgundy sweater, Konwar wore a bright yellow jacket.

This couple is always setting fitness goals!

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