Octonauts Trail for Kids to Follow at Sea Life Aquarium


Fans of the Octonauts TV show will be in for a treat at Sea Life in Bray over the coming month.

An immersive trail featuring the Octonauts of CBeebies takes families on a journey filled with the ocean’s strangest and most wonderful activities, all while enjoying interactive learning and play.

Kids can complete a “scavenger hunt” style booklet as they walk around the aquarium and get a prize at the end for their efforts.

Sea Life reservations are still only available online, so they can manage the number of visitors to the Bray attraction.

Friendly staff will explain all regulations to guests upon arrival, before sending them on a fun one-way trip around the property, where they will see all manner of exciting creatures.

Highlights include an aquarium filled with hundreds of tiny “Nemo” clownfish and other sea creatures of all shapes and sizes – right down to the pair of “Romeo and Juliet” sharks.

The Irish-made Octonauts show follows an underwater exploration crew made up of stylized anthropomorphic animals.

They are a team of eight adventurers who live in an underwater base, the Octopod, from which they go on an underwater adventure using a fleet of water vehicles.

Although its technology is fictional, the alien creatures and locations the crew encounter are based on real sea animals in their natural habitats.


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