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A sea cadet from Red Deer was one of 30 sailors to compete in this year’s regional cadet regatta.

Petty Officer First Class Hannah Bennett, of 126 Red Deer, Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps, participated in the event from September 30 to October 2 at the Wabamun Sailing Club.

“My favorite part of the regatta is being able to put all the skills I learned sailing over the summer to the test to see how much I’ve improved,” Bennett said of the sailing course. that she followed this summer at Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship QUADRA. Cadet Training Center near Comox, B.C.

“I joined the Sea Cadets in 2017 because my mother was a cadet and everything she told me about it interested me,” said Bennett, “my favorite thing about cadets is sailing and learning new life skills as well as meeting new people. My goal with cadets is to improve my leadership skills and stay in cadets until adulthood to learn all I can from the cadet program.

Sailing is one of the many activities offered to young people locally, regionally and nationally with the Cadet Program of Canada throughout the year.

The Cadet Program in Canada is described as an active, peer-led program that gives young people the opportunity to meet new people, travel and try new things. Sea cadets also learn seamanship, sailing and the traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy.

No military or cadet experience is required to join the Cadet Program of Canada.

“For someone who is considering joining the cadets, I say do it because it’s a great opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t normally have access to,” Bennett said.

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps is also looking for adults, who are needed to help train, administer and supervise local youth involved in the Canadian Cadet Program.

In Red Deer, for Sea Cadets, call 403-342-0010 or email [email protected]. For Army Cadets, call 403-346-4331 or email [email protected]. For Air Cadets, call 403-342-2044 or email [email protected].

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