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Have you always dreamed of being in a Impossible mission film? Or wondering what it must be like to be a Navy SEAL at sea? Get a taste of adventure riding the waves with RHIB Rides Singapore™.

Experience the waves on a high performance boat

A RHIB or Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is a sleek, fast contraption you’d probably have seen racing through the waves in the movies. You can experience the thrill of these high performance boats in real life in Singapore on a tour with RHIB Rides Singapore.

RHIB Rides Singapore

RHIB Rides Singapore™ operates several of these boats which are normally used for military and emergency operations. With a fiberglass hull and foam-filled tubular fenders powered by outboard motors, the boats are very stable on the water, making the ride suitable for everyone from young to old. This makes them suitable even for multi-generational outings and the boats are fitted with lap belts to keep riders safe.

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We recently had the good fortune to go with RHIB Rides Singapore on a sunset tour around the Southern Islands.

Touring the Southern Islands with RHIB Rides Singapore

Southern Islands with RHIB Rides Singapore

RHIB Rides Singapore operates from Marina in Keppel Bay. At the helm of our boat was the owner of RHIB Rides Singapore, Roy Soeigiarto.

RHIB Boat Ride Safety Briefing

Our guide was Roy’s daughter, Ariel.

RHIB Rides Singapore

After a safety briefing, and once we cleared the marina’s no-wake zone, the boat’s engines fired up, sending the vessel hurtling through the water. It was exhilarating to feel the acceleration and to have the wind in front.

The experience was enhanced by music playing over the boat’s speakers. It was like being in a movie with an exciting soundtrack to boot. Some of the funniest moments were when we encountered another ship’s wake, giving the boat a lift as it cut through the waves.

Kusu Island

The 60 minute tour took us past Sentosa to St John’s, Lazarus and Kusu Islands and around the Sisters Islands.

Find out more about Singapore’s maritime connections

RHIB boat ride in Singapore

During the tour, Roy and Ariel took turns sharing information about Singapore’s maritime heritage and points of interest. For example, did you know there was once an offshore island used as a turtle hatchery, or why there are blue barrels floating off Sentosa?

Find out more about Singapore's maritime connections

Being on the water, especially on an open boat like a RHIB, and passing by ships and other vessels provided a unique vantage point to appreciate Singapore’s connection to the sea.

RHIB boat ride in Singapore

Plus, it was just a wonderful and memorable way to end the day watching the sun go down over the horizon.

Besides the 60-minute tour, RHIB Rides Singapore™ also offers longer tours and charters. Learn more about RHIB Rides Singapore.

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LILY: Get your kids outside and learn hands-on skills in nature


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