Sea Change: Prediction of the world in the near future


As a result, all ticket sales will move to the blockchain. Not fungible tokens (NFTs)) will act as an access key to experiences and their proof badge that they were there. The focus, of sorts, on “owning” an experience could morph into a business model where image brokers partner with sports leagues to offer fof an event to the highest bidder as an NFT. Owning the moment will move fans into a model of monetizing ownership of a precious moment in time.

However, the monetization potential doesn’t stop with the fans. Player salaries will continue to grow and eclipse the best employees year after year. The biggest wealth accelerator will be players taking more direct control of their name, image and likeness (NIL), personal brand, and fan engagement in the real-life and VR communities. I exI think this will have a profound impact on college players benefiting from their marks before they reach a professional league.

At the brand level, things we have never thought we’d say will happen. As we have already seen with the recent scandal of Deshaun Watson, one or more NFL football teams will file for bankruptcy or become an asset sale due to mounting scandals and litigation. At some point, a team will likely lose three to four big-name players to a scandal, disrupting the fanbase, draft position, and the overall ability to move goods. This will force the owner to negotiate a debt settlement, cut losses and make a fire sale.

Conversely, external rather than internal factors will also impact brands in the sports world. As a nationIf we push for decarbonisation, motorsport will have to face a transformative decision to survive. Formula 1, owned by Liberty Media Group, will continue to boost the popularity of F1 racing, but will eventually find itself in a corner.

When they have to come face to face-faced with the environmental impact of the races, they go seek to acquire Formula E. With all the major automakers producing electric vehicles and even Honda, producer of Formula 1 engines for Red Bulldriving away with the most successful hybrid turbo engine in the 2022 racing year, sponsorship dollars will move away from Formula 1 to racing sports aligned with their investments like Formula E or Extreme E. But the changes in the business world won’t happen. not be limited exclusively to the sports industry.

how the ecoThe economic landscape will change

Geography-based Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will displace sharing economy leaders like Uber and DoorDash, among others. As restaurants try to control their profit margins by delivering food via on-demand deliverypilots, the DAOs will create local utilities within micro-economies to support their businesses. Large companies will fund these DAOs as last minute delivery and service solutions. Still, they go also partners with small local businesses to iterative services, support or local white label products.


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