Sea Forager Tours teaches people about edible urban sea life


Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the waves of the bay and, more importantly, what you can eat there?

Kirk Lombard, founder of sea ​​picker Tours and Sea Forager Seafood, can teach you. He gives tours about twice a month on Saturdays somewhere near Marina Green (he prefers to keep the exact site a secret until you book). He discusses urban marine wildlife and how to search for edibles, from seaweed to eels to crabs. The cost is $50 per person and you can check the schedule and book on the website. He also gives private tours.

I review the regulations, ecology and biology of the different species; I’m talking about the ecosystem; I’m talking about the San Francisco estuary,” Lombard said. “The bottom line is that people have a deeper sense of how their urban shorelines are unique and how, in their own way, they thrive.”

And, Lombard gives demonstrations of real-life skills you can use to catch a new catch: “Llike how to trap shore crabs, how to use a throwing net to catch herring, and how to sting a pole for the not-so-elusive monkey-faced eel,” he said. Are monkey-faced eels appetizing, we ask?It is a very popular fish from the California coast by California anglers,” he assured us. Smelt, herring, mussels, clams and seaweed are also on the program.

Lombard with a monkey-faced eel.

Lombard added, “There is an anecdotal quality to the tours. Lots of fish stories. I like to talk about some of the more idiosyncratic species of fish. I talk about near-death experiences at the hands of great white sharks and all sorts of things.” He has a book to be published in August published by Heyday Books in Berkeley titled “The Sea Forager’s Guide to the California North Coast.”

Lombard got into the fish business by doing the rounds. “At the end of the tour, people were like, “Hey, that’s great, but I don’t have time to go out and grab my own stuff. How can I source sustainable, mostly local and fresh seafood? » to his friends who own Fish restaurant in Sausalito and TwoXSea Seafood. Eventually, one of the owners, Kenny Belov, pushed him to become his own supplier.

Now, Lombard offers a seafood subscription service, but only to individuals, not restaurants. You can get “Neptune’s Delight” with a mix of what’s fresh that week (which may include various shellfish, small whole fish and/or fillets) or a “slab” of filleted fish. Two servings are $24; four servings is $47. It offers many pickup points throughout the Bay Area and door-to-door delivery in the city.

“Now, in addition to having my visits, I have a product to sell,” says Lombard. “This product is the most sustainable and freshest seafood you can find on the California coast.”


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