Sea Life Manchester’s exotic fish fall in love with Peppa Pig


Copperband butterflyfish are very territorial and are normally quite picky when it comes to finding a mate.

An exotic fish from Manchester’s Sea Life Center has developed an unusual obsession with Peppa Pig.

Aquarium staff and visitors have noticed the copperband butterflyfish behaving strangely after a toy of the popular cartoon character was placed in its tank ahead of the Peppa Pig Activity Trail event from of September 5.

Although this type of fish forms monogamous breeding pairs, they are also very territorial and often separated.

The copperband butterflyfish circles its new tank mate. Credit: Sea Life, Manchester

Jenn McDonough, Managing Director of Sea Life Manchester, said: “This is a very unexpected and unique situation.

“Although Peppa and George toys have been placed with the fish for the event, the copper band only seem interested in the Peppa figurine, swimming in circles around her protectively.

The copperband butterflyfish made the popular cartoon pig shine. Credit: Sea Life Manchester

“They don’t share any similarities in appearance except for their prominent snout like nose and the animal care team are more surprised than anyone that this could happen.

Another theory behind the fish’s obsession with the figurine is that it shares a tank with a pair of seahorses, which mate for life.

The Peppa Pig Adventure Trail will run from September 5-25 and will feature a host of activities, photo ops and appearances from the nation’s favorite pig itself. Tickets are available here.


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