SEA LIFE Orlando Celebrates the Arrival of 4 Sea Guitars


ORLANDO, Florida. – SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is gearing up for the big debut of four Sea Guitars.

The aquarium at ICON Park said all four fish will be found at Stingray Cove, which is already home to Ted the Loggerhead Sea Turtle and Joy the Zebra Shark.

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“The aptly named Gibson, Fender, Ibanez and Martin will be part of a breeding program at SEA LIFE Orlando where expert scientists will work to aid in the long-term survival of critically endangered ray species,” said the aquarium said in a statement. Press release.

According to NOAA Fisheriesguitarfishes have a moderately depressed, elongated, shark-like body shape, well separated dorsal fins, and an elongated wedge-shaped snout.

Guitarfish arrives at SEA LIFE Orlando (SEA LIFE Orlando)

The main threats to the common guitarfish are commercial fishing to supply the shark fin trade and subsistence fishing to provide meat for growing coastal populations. They are close relatives of stingrays and stingrays.

In 2017, NOAA Fisheries listed the species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

The four sea guitars will make their public debut in March.

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