Seeing a father throw his child into the sea will shock you


Ankara:Thirty-two migrants lost their lives after a boat full of migrants from Turki to Italy ran out of food, water and fuel. Six people on the boat, including three women and three children, lost their lives as their condition deteriorated before the rescue. When their bodies all started to rot, the people on the boat tied all the corpses in their clothes and threw them into the sea.

A video of this harrowing incident is going fiercely viral on social media, in which a father is seen throwing his son’s corpse into the sea. Looking at the video, you can guess how dire the situation must have been at that time- the. The man who dumped the child is from Syria, who was illegally traveling to Italy with his forever family to make a difference in his life.

In the video, we can see that when this father throws his child from the boat, those present say Allah hu Akbar. When these people would have gone out on the boat, then they would never have thought that this trip would be so difficult. On August 27, the boat, carrying 32 migrants, left the Turkish city of Antalya for Pozzalo in Italy. The trip was very long, but there was not enough luggage on the boat. Gradually, food, water and oil began to run out. When it was all over, especially the women and children on the boat began to suffer from hunger and thirst. When nothing was figured out, all the people mixed salt water from the sea into toothpaste to survive and ate it and appeased their hunger.

On the other hand, as soon as it was learned that people were trapped in the middle of the sea, a water boat came out of Italy to rescue them and rescued all the living people. More than 30 people were on board the boat, six of whom were unable to escape due to hunger and thirst, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). At the same time, the condition of those rescued is also very critical.

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