St Albans MP supports Joanna Lumley’s marine life campaign


Joanna Lumley and Daisy Cooper MP outside Parliament. PHOTO: Stop the marine explosions

Submitted by the Liberal Democrats

Daisy Cooper, MP for St Albans in Hertfordshire, joined actress Joanna Lumley to show her support for a national campaign on marine life.

The Stop Sea Blasts campaign was launched because of concerns about around 100,000 tonnes of unexploded ordnance found in waters around the UK, posing potential damage to marine life.

The Absolutely Fabulous star was in Parliament to meet and thank the MPs and peers who supported the campaign. Daisy was already on the list of parliamentary supporters on the campaign website.

Bombs, mines and shells need to be cleaned up for the construction of offshore wind farms and there are around 50 kills each year. Eliminations are carried out by detonating the bomb or the mine.

This causes enormous disturbance in marine habitats and threatens the survival of whales and dolphins.

The UK government recently released a policy paper on the campaign issue, saying it supports the use of ‘low noise alternatives’ instead of what it calls ‘a high order bang’ because it recognizes that marine life can be injured or killed by the sound of explosions.

Daisy said: “I was really excited to support this campaign – I’m an animal lover, and I know a lot of people in St Albans are too. Many constituents have written to me as supporters of the Stop the Sea Blast campaign.

“I totally endorse the use of new technology to ‘burn’ these old bombs by using the less dangerous use of burning materials, known as blast, rather than using explosions that torture our marine life. .

“So it’s absolutely fabulous that as a result of Joanna Lumley’s involvement in the campaign, the government is now taking action to ensure that the old ammunition dumped around our shores is safely disposed of. “

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