‘The Sea Beast’ Review – Netflix’s Swashbuckling Adventure


Animation is one of the best forms of storytelling. An animated lens shows the ups and downs with unlimited potential. That’s why Disney has been a household name for nearly 100 years. These stories can be timeless because they don’t have to rely on the crazy visual effects of modern blockbusters. Animation is a medium that truly captures the power of cinema as it transports us to new and exciting worlds. Netflix has taken advantage of the animation space with shows like Esoteric and Love, Death and Robots, but what about their latest animated feature? This brings us to the Netflix movie, The Beast from the Sea.

This animated film takes us across the ocean on a breathtaking adventure! The beast from the sea is a story about Maisie Brumble (Zaris-Angel Hator), a young girl who stows away on the sea monster hunters’ ship. Maisie and her partner Jacob Holland (Karl Urban) learn about mystical creatures and the fantasy world outside their shore.

THE BEAST FROM THE SEA – Jared Harris as CAPTAIN CROW. Credit: Netflix © 2022

The beast from the sea is written by Chris Williams (Moana) and nell benjamin (Sadly forever), with Williams also taking on the role of director. The film’s plot is relatively straightforward; Maisie and Jacob must learn to work together as they travel the world while learning the truth about sea creatures. Although it is a very simple adventure film, it will win your heart simply by its beauty. The water, ships, and animals are all beautifully animated. With most CG animated movies, it feels like they all fall into the Disney mold, The beast from the sea succeeded in giving us a new vision, creating an incredibly vibrant world full of life.

A story is only as good as its characters, and luckily the main cast delivered. Maisie is adorable, and Zaris-Angel Hator captures the innocence and strength needed to create a compelling character. We also have to give credit to Karl Urban and his captivating performance as Jacob Holland. Jacob is a savvy sailor who is tough as nails, but a big sweetheart when Maisie comes into his life. Unfortunately, Urban doesn’t say “oi” once in the film.

The dynamic of the two is something we’ve seen die in various media over the years. Think Logan and Laura from LoganLoid and Anya in Spy x Familyor even Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Part I. The father/daughter dynamic has proven itself and The beast from the sea handles it well. As for the rest of the cast, they all do a great job as well. Jared Harris plays a terrific foil as the intimidating and stoic Captain Crow. Marianne Jean Baptiste is also notable as Sarah Sharpe.

THE BEAST FROM THE SEA – Zaris-Angel Hator as MAISIE BRUMBLE and Karl Urban as JACOB HOLLAND. Credit: Netflix © 2022

The only real downside to the film is that it’s a pretty numbers story. We’ve seen movies about pirates, sea monsters, and just about every idea presented in The beast from the sea. The film tells a fun story, but it offers nothing unique.

The beast from the sea is a fun movie the whole family will enjoy, but it’s also a numbers action adventure with little to say. It’s a story about overcoming our preconceptions, self-discovery, and ultimately changing for the better. I highly recommend checking out The beast from the sea if you like animation. It’s a solid movie in every way.

The beast from the sea is now available to stream worldwide on Netflix.


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