The Untold Truth of Netflix’s The Sea Beast


The main themes that are scattered throughout “The Sea Beast” film are the dangers of prejudice and propaganda. History is written by the victors, and more often than not, the victors are those who hold the seat of power. The truth is therefore often subjective and difficult to establish.

The film establishes that the war between beasts and hunters has been going on for hundreds of years. According to Maisie’s favorite book, the war began when sea monsters began swimming to shore and attacking the helpless humans on land. However, after befriending the Red Bluster and attempting to rescue him from the hunters, Maisie makes a startling discovery. It turns out that all of the records from the war were released through the royal line. The origin of the war – and the truth about how it started – was probably a fiction concocted by those in power.

So how did the war start? “The Sea Beast” leaves that open to interpretation, which left room for theorists to make their own assumptions. A Reddit thread opened the discussion with the question posed by u/Farinthinks: “Why did royalty lie about it? What was in it for them? My sister and I assumed it was for open trade routes [which were] hampered by ships attacked by [the sea beast] and free passage would make the kingdom rich.”

In response, Redditor u/karim12100 added, “You can probably pick any time in history when a country builds up an enemy to distract the people from internal strife.” In a different thread, u/kmjulian offered a similar hypothesis to u/Farinthinks: “Best guess, expansionism and trade routes sought by the kingdom, must have wiped out sea monsters to make it easier.”


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