War of words continues over sea travel figures


Government challenges Steam Packet challenge

The war of words between the Steam Packet Company and the Cabinet Office over the method of calculating shipping prices continued.

The ferry company had disputed inflation figures released by the Cabinet Office for the 12 months to July this year.

He claimed they were misleading, but the government hit back saying it strongly rejects that claim.

The July Inflation Report said inflation stood at 10.8% and cited a 104% increase in shipping prices over the period.

This prompted an angry reaction from the Steam Packet who claimed that the method used to calculate shipping prices was misleading – given that no product prices (excluding fuel surcharges) had increased by more than 3.1% in the 12 months to June.

The Steam Packet said the anomaly resulted from comparing the average price for June this year, which reflected strong demand for TT 2022, with June 2021, when traffic levels were 10% lower than the same period. this year due to Covid.

In response, the Cabinet Office says the figures provided in the July 2022 report are correct and in line with a methodology which was designed in consultation with the Steam Packet Company – with data supplied by the carrier.

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